Offering services from Sarah Flak, M.Ed., BCBA including:
  • Consultation and program development
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Parent Traning
  • Assessments including ABLLS and VB-MAPP
  • BCaBA supervision

Sarah specializes in:
  • "Sibling sessions" - As a person who has a sibling with a disability, Sarah understands how frustrating it can be to get your brother or sister to play with you! Sarah conducts ABA sessions incorporating all of your children teaching play, imitation and conversation. She will also teach typical siblings how to "adapt" play so all children can be involved and successful.
  • Early childhood - Sarah had four years of training at the only ABA based, inclusive preschool in Texas. Her training centered on teaching appropriate language usage, engaging with the environment and socializing with others. Sarah is very skilled at working with students 18 months to five years of age and teaching them the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.
  • Incidental teaching - Sarah has the unique ability to successfully incorporate educational objectives into daily activities and natural settings. She utilizes student's interests and follows their lead to keep motivation high. Using this naturalistic approach to ABA improves generalization and creates more meaningful and varied language.
  • Life Skills - Sarah has been very successful at teaching toileting, bike riding, tooth brushing, dressing and other daily skills with students.
  • Video feedback - Sarah is very skilled at using video to give feedback to both parents and other professionals to ensure consistency of treatment across settings.

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11/01/12 We moved to Grapevine!